Programme Notes

… on own compositions:

Audite Africam!
‘Bonjour’, dit le renard.
Ciacona & Tshikona
Concerto for an African Cellist
Lovesong Quartets
Proteus Variations
Silence where a song would ring
The cattle have gone astray
The Songs of Madosini
Ugubhu (rising and falling…and rising)

…for Early Music programmes

Reinhard Keiser, St Mark’s Passion (Cape Consort, 7 & 9.4.17)

Polychoral Splendour (Cape Consort, 25.9.16)

Ludwig, Christoph & Sebastian (Cape Consort, 28.8.16)


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Papers / Presentations

Huyssen, H. Understanding Music from a Complexity Perspective. Hopeful reflections in times musical of crises. Public lecture at Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, 21.10.16.

Huyssen, H. Proposing a Complexity Theory of Music. Unpublished presentation for the SASRIM conference, Cape Town, 18.7.15.