for solo violin and African birdcalls
Red-chested cuckoo and Cape turtle dove


Die Stimmen

song cycle for baritone and guitar
Excerpt from 'Der Idiot'

Ciacona & Tshikona

for orchestra, Kuduhorns and Tshikona ensemble
Entry of Tshikona ensemble

Beginning of Ciacona

Proteus Variations

Liebeslieder Quartette

The cattle have gone astray

'Unerläßliches Leid'

Lent Cantata for soloists, mixed choir and Baroque orchestra
Chorus: "Es muß durch die Freude"

4 Britting Lieder

for baritone and orchestra
IV. Von einem Hügel aus


no more

for ensemble
"So we'll go no more a-roving..."


Little Portrait of the World

for wind quintet and narration
2nd mvt: 'Aulos'

Karfreitags Sonett

for counter tenor, oboe d'amore, viola
Final section

6 Piano Pieces

for a pianist and a child
No. 2: 'Märchenstück'

Fibonacci Pieces